Who We Are
Rick has been designing and constructing custom frames in Richmond for more than 35 years and loves quoting lyrics to rock and roll songs while playing solitaire.

Phyllis, our resident-in-training for laughtering, has been involved with the arts for some 50 years and now finds joy overseeing the gallery and donuts and laughtering. 

All of our staff have a background in the arts and in many cases are still creating and actively pursuing their art in addition to the work they do here.

Laura Garrett having worked with Rick for the past fifteen years, has a keen design eye and steady hand for the detailed work of mounting textiles to mats and custom backings and is chief operating officer of bugs and dryer lint.  

David Turner, our frame designer/builder extraordinaire since 2012, is senior vice president in charge of measuring and gluing and an accomplished landscape painter. 

Lindsay Clements joined our team in 2014 and has quickly built her reputation as a skilled designer and technical framer earning her the title most high potentate of bumpers, stickers and wire.

Mollie Mitchell has been found in the gallery a few days a week since 2012 and does her best to keep Phyllis straight and has earned the title of queen of the red dots.

Eric Johnston joined us in 2015 as a framer is a rising star, an aspiring cardboard cutter, and an avid outdoorsman whose passion for nature inspires his colorful landscape paintings.

Amber Jones joined us in 2016 and is a color loving, art making, nature collecting, big smiling mommy of two, and junior vice president of bevels and bumpers.

Hannah Silberman came aboard in 2016 and is a writer, illustrator, animator, film addict, hair painter, cat lover and we are pleased to appoint her our vice treasurer of tape and fellow of fitting.

Kimberly Tetlow, our second-born daughter and rising chief sweeper, has been our graphic designer and marketing maven since we opened in 2009, and since March of 2016, we are pleased to have her on board full time in a variety of capacities.

Rick Michaels and Phyllis DeMaurizi 
opened Rick’s Custom Frame + Gallery in December 2009